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Marx became a diving specialist in the United States Marine Corps in 1953. He has since made over 5,000 dives[2] and has authored over 800 reports/articles and 59 books on history, archaeology, shipwrecks and exploration.[3]

Marx and his wife, Jenifer, live in Indialantic, Florida. They are co-authors of several non-fiction books.

He was a founding member of the Council on Underwater Archaeology and of the Sea Research Society and served on the Society's Board of Advisors. In 1972 he participated in the creation of the research/professional degree of Doctor of Marine Histories.[4]

Marx has written extensively about the concept of White Gods. Marx came to the conclusion that White Gods "figure in almost every indigenous culture in the Americas."[5][6]

Marx was made a Knight-commander in the Order of Isabella the Catholic by the Spanish government for his re-enactment in the Niña II of Christopher Columbus' first voyage of exploration.


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  • Clay smoking pipes recovered from the sunken city of Port Royal October 1, 1967-March 31, 1968 by Robert F Marx; Jamaica National Trust Commission (Kingston, Jamaica National Trust Commission, 1968) OCLC 121031

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Please, find below this week’s nautical news. Special thanks to Chelsea Colwell-Pasch for compiling this week’s news and to Britt Burton, Jose Luis Casaban, David Cowan, Susan Langley, Rachel Quick, Ulrica Söderlind, and Dave Meadows’ Explorator team for sending in news items. To subscribe [or unsubscribe] to the Nautical News Weekly Update please go to:


1)               Protector update.


2)              102-year-old ship became a floating forest.


3)              Archaeologists find signs of war of 1812 shipwreck.


4)              Fort's timbers brought back to NY for display.


5)              Cave divers attempt to explore dangerous blue hole.


6)              Dig that radio.


7)              Lake Superior shipwreck find Scotiadoc is Great Lakes’ deepest.


8)              Feds' proposal for Great Lakes shipwreck sanctuary could inadvertently block commercial shipping.


9)              Shipwreck site dedicated as state's first underwater preserve.


10)           Dunes shipwreck named nature preserve.


11)            Erosion threatens Canada’s coastal sites.


12)           Iñupiat sod house excavated in Alaska.


13)           Historic tugboat sinks, spills fuel.


14)           Shipwreck offers unique opportunity for study.


15)           The last flying pencil.


16)           How to conserve three 16th century bronze breech blocks in plain English!


17)           NAS 2013 Annual Conference – 2nd November 2013.


18)           World's oldest boatyard where prehistoric man built huge canoes 4,000 years ago discovered under area earmarked for new housing estate.


19)           Robotic snakes slither their way into ancient archaeology.


20)          Ottoman-era cistern discovered in Istanbul.


21)           Spain nets $1 million in fees in sunken treasure case.


22)          Odyssey Marine Exploration official judgment of 25 September 2013.


23)          Silver bullion from sunken WWII ship makes it to the Mint at last.


24)          Shipwreck treasure-recovery efforts could resume in 2014.


25)          Court ruling allows lawsuit involving Ohio treasure hunter who found shipwreck to proceed.


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