Hi Kenny,
My family and I have been vacationing in Key West, at least once a year, for the last 25 years. It seems every time we are in Key West our conversation always leads into diving, Mel Fisher’s adventures, and tales of sunken treasure from the Atocha. This is probably because I knew Mel many years ago, dive myself, and have an Atocha coin. Everyone in my family loves Key West and we always have a great time. We all agree our trip earlier this month was absolutely the best trip ever, thanks in part to you.

My wife and I decided a few months back to get our two daughters and son-in-law an Atocha coin and surprise them with the gift while in Key West.

I am very glad I found you and decided to purchase the coins from you. The coins you found for us were absolutely beautiful. The 14K gold bezel you mounted the coins in is truly quality workmanship and really adds to their beauty. I truly appreciate the effort you put into getting them to us in time for our trip. Presenting our kids with the coins was definitely the highlight of our trip and made this vacation something very special. I can’t describe the reaction from each of them when we presented them with the coins (shock, disbelief, tears of joy). It was one big WOW!!

Thanks again Kenny. You helped make our trip to Key West one that will be “treasured” and remembered by all of us for years to come. I have attached a few photos.

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